The South Shore Genealogical Society

The South Shore Genealogical Society focuses on genealogical and family records in Lunenburg County with some coverage in Queens and Shelburne Counties.

The South Shore Genealogical Society (SSGS) was created in 1979 to identify, search out, collect, preserve, copy, and organize, any and all information regarding to genealogical research on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

The SSGS's holdings include 800 books; more than 200 microfilms; over 600 family files; 3600 school attendance records representing 141,000 individual student records; 200 church records; 301 cemetery records representing 52,763 stone inscriptions and thousands of stone pictures; and 250 photos. We also have records relating to local Mi'kmaq ancestors, Foreign Protestants, Planters, Loyalists, and more. Many of these are the original and sole versions of these documents.

Our Research Centre is staffed entirely by volunteers, who help make available the information we hold to anyone who is searching their ancestral lines. We also conduct workshops, which teach how to accomplish genealogical research and keep family records, so that we all remember our community's history.

The SSGS is located in the Lunenburg Academy building, an iconic building often referred to as the “Castle on the Hill.” The Lunenburg Academy was part of the Academy Movement in education in Nova Scotia during the late 1800s. Built it 1895, it was a primary-to-12 school for many years but ended its school days in 2012 as an elementary school. Now owned by the Town of Lunenburg, it has been repurposed as a community arts, culture, and educational hub.

The history of the families of Lunenburg County is irrevocably inter-twined with the history of the Lunenburg Academy as well as the town and county. With the Lunenburg Academy as our home, the SSGS has a wonderful connection to arts, culture, and education in our area. What's more, visitors find it inspiring doing historical and family research in such a lovely and historic building. Another excellent connection for SSGS is the Lunenburg Hillcrest Cemetery, which is situated right next to the Lunenburg Academy. Not only can visitors research their ancestors, but in many cases, they can see their ancestor's final resting place from our windows. They can also take a walk in the graveyard or pack a lunch and have a picnic at their ancestor's gravesite.

The SSGS has a very positive relationship with the Knaut-Rhuland House Museum in Lunenburg. Having researched their family history at the SSGS, visitors can go to the Knaut-Rhuland House Museum to see the type of house in which their ancestors may have lived, explore artifacts depicting the local lifestyle, and hear the history of this area.

The SSGS holds open meetings on the third Monday of odd-numbered months and speakers, presentations, and workshops throughout the year. Information related to events and activities are listed on our website and Facebook page. We’d be happy to have you join us!



97 Kaulbach Street, Room 203, Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0 ~ From May 1st to October 31st the Research Centre is open from Mondays to Fridays, and from November 1st to April 30th, by chance or appointment. Call or email us and our volunteers will make every effort to help you find a convenient time to visit: 902-634-8263 or