Salmon River House

Salmon River House was built as early as 1853 on the eastern side of the Salmon River Bridge. In 1920, the house was converted to an inn, and since then has been revered by travellers for its hospitality, home-cooked meals, and beautiful location on the Eastern Shore.

Daniel Warnell (1814-1888) was born in Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia. He was first recorded in census records in 1851 as living in the Jeddore area, although his son, William, was recorded as born in Salmon River Bridge in 1843. Daniel worked as a fisherman and miller. He was granted a plot of land along Jeddore Harbour just across from Myers Point. Sources indicate that the family’s original cottage was built in 1853, although its precise location on the property is unknown.

In 1871, Daniel and Louisa's son, Albert Warnell (1847-1907), and his wife Eliza Jane (Crockett) Warnell (1849-1926) were listed as living with Albert's brother, William, at Salmon River Bridge, presumably on the same property as their parents. Salmon River House was said to have been built by Albert, although he may have built onto his parents' original 1853 cottage. Following his father's death in 1888, Albert applied for fifty acres of Crown Land at the mouth of Salmon River, and by 1901, Albert was no longer living with his brother. Crown Land maps list "A. W. & D. Wournell" as the owners of the property at the eastern end of Salmon River Bridge, where Salmon River House now stands.

In 1920, Cora (Harpell) and Alexander 'Sandy' Myers bought the Salmon River House from Albert's wife, Eliza Warnell, and established an inn. Originally, the house stood closer to the road, but in 1924, it was moved back to its present location and set on a new foundation. This was likely to accommodate improvements to the highway and bridge that passed close to the house. In 1932, the Myers family hired Fred H. Stoddard and his son, Thomas, to oversee renovations to enlarge and remodel the house to accommodate an increase in business. Between 1932 and 1947, a bathroom and furnace were installed and several sun porches were added. Over the fifty years that the house was owned and operated as an inn by Sandy and Cora Myers, it grew to include a main house featuring six guest rooms and a dining room, a two-room cottage, and a four-room "annex."

Salmon River House enjoyed a widespread reputation while owned and operated by the Myers family. It was revered by travellers for its hospitality, Mrs. Myers' home-cooked meals, and the tall tales told by Mr. Myers. It was a favourite destination for travellers on hunting and fishing holidays, as Mr. Myers pioneered guiding and outfitting in the area. He had several camps with log cabins at various lakes in the woods where he and his guides took parties of vacationers from the city and elsewhere.

The Myers family owned the property until it was purchased by Adrien and Norma Blanchette in 1988, who reopened it as the Salmon River Country House Inn in 1989. They established their own reputation for home-cooked meals, hospitality, and the beauty of the location. Norma passed away in 1997, but Adrien continued to operate the business, and several years later opened the Lobster Shack Restaurant with his second wife, Elizabeth Schwarzer. The business was awarded the Excellence in Food and Beverage award by the Tourist Industry Association in 2001. Between 1997 and 2007, the restaurant was again expanded and renovated to accommodate increased business. The property may have changed hands sometime after 2007 but the inn and restaurant remained open until about July of 2011, at which time the property was again put up for sale.

The property was purchased by Margit and Ernst Wechsler in December of 2012. The Wechslers soon re-opened the Salmon River House as an inn and restaurant once again.



9931 Highway 7, Head of Jeddore